Concept Development

We find great results with our user oriented design process.

We specialize in custom head rig and drone design

Since 2013 we have designed eight 360 head rigs, with some used in Moon and Mars related simulations.

We have also designed 8 different 360-drones since 2016 also in relation to Mars simulation projects.

Three step process

First we spend 5-20 hours on project  feasibility and evaluation. Mapping funding options are included in the evaluation.

Price is 725€-2900€ + tax.

From there a finalized concept + working model takes an estimated 50-200 hours.

Price is 7250€-29000€ + tax

Promotions and marketing on social media are a must for the success of any project, and is included in our process. 5-20 hours.

Price is 725€-2900€ + tax.

Total from 8700€ - 34 800€ + tax

The total is excluding cost of materials and eventual outsourced prototyping costs.


We are very lucky to be featured in several articles in physical and online magazines.

Finding Funding

During the project feasibility and evaluation we will take the needed time to find funding solutions, both private and governmental funding options including EU and international tenders and funding programs.

If the project passes the feasibility stage we help with the entire process of formulating, finalizing funding applications and following up on each case. 

20% of the project total is included in the application as our funding fee.

General Consultancy Pricing

145€ per hour + tax

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