Digital Twins

Hire a

photogrammetry specialist:


800€ per person per day + tax

Data post processing 60€/hour

Hire a

drone pilot:


800€ per person per day + tax

Additional costs related to travel and accommodations may apply and vary from project to project.

Digital Twins

High precision, high definision rapid scanning, with file sizes for VR/AR and handehld device applications.

We use our custom solutions and pipeline for rapid scanning of objects and environments.

Since 2015 we've been creating digital twins, developing methods for rapid scanning with final file sizes under 50mb - under 10mb with processing time "on-site" 30 minutes- 1 hour


We are very lucky to be featured in several articles in physical and online magazines.

Model samples

Have a look at our 3D model demos

- please note that all models observed on Sketchfab are 1/8 of final resolution :D 

How detailed can it get?

- we gave that challenge a go

How fast can we get results?

- the model below took 40 minutes from start to uploaded model

Planning for Virtual Production?

- Our custom drones and workflow make it possible

Have an interior scan in mind?

- Our methods manages to capture all materials

Need a product scanned?

- Our workflow works well for art, sculpture and products

Get in touch for an evaluation of your project.

Our technologies are custom made for photogrammetry and digital twin creation.